Monday, April 27, 2009

The hills are alive with the sound of music

Sitting outside at dawn reminds me of my school days when I played in the band. Before band, the bandroom was in pandemonium with everyone warming up their instruments. Drums banging, tuba providing the bass, all the woodwinds and bass practicing scales. The warm up at dawn is courtesy of all the spring birds. A wood cock provides the occasional buzz. The Hermit thrush, Vermont's state bird, has returned with his beautiful scales. The chickadees provide question and answer "phobee"s and the robins provide the back ground melody with their broken record tunes. Add to this a few shrill warblers and an occasional gobble from a Tom turkey, and it sounds just like the band room!

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  1. HI~I saw your post on the Sugar Pie Farm forum and thought i would visit your blog. I love your beautiful photo's. I will have to read your posts~It must be nice to live on a farm~hard work I'm sure~but you are so close to nature and it must be very wonderful. God bless, Rose